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Welcome to Woodcrest Farm! We are a working farm in southern Orange County. You can read about our events and offerings here on our website. We have suspended all tours and visits due to the COVID-19 restrictions. For future events and requests, please subscribe to our newsletter

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We have regretfully suspended all tours and visits while Stay-at-Home advisories are in effect
Tour fee: $10 per person, $25 minimum



Ground Beef! Steak! Roasts! Sausage! Bacon!

Our delicious farm-raised pork and grass-fed beef is in our freezer!
Pick up something for the grill or sausage for breakfast the next time you visit.

Woodcrest Farm Events

Woodcrest Farm

Upcoming classes:

Due to Orange County Stay-at-Home guidelines, all April classes have been rescheduled for the equivalent times in June. May classes are still scheduled until further notice. If this causes conflicts with your schedule, please notify us at info@woodcrestfarmnc.com
Please note that course descriptions have changed

Blacksmithing      10a-1p OR 2p-5p     Roster - - - - - - Availability
10101 Forge Basics (10a-1p) May 02, 2020 1
10201 Beginning Blacksmithing Series (2p-5p) May 02, 2020 1
10102 Beginning Blacksmithing Series (10a-1p) May 16, 2020 3
10202 Beginning Blacksmithing Series (2p-5p) May 16, 2020 0 full
10101 Forge Basics (10a-1p) May 30, 2020 3
10203 Intermediate Blacksmithing Series (2p-5p) May 30, 2020 2
10103 Intermediate Blacksmithing Series (10a-1p) Jun 06, 2020 0 full
10103 Intermediate Blacksmithing Series (10a-1p) Jun 20, 2020 0 full

Select REGISTER or send us an email to info@woodcrestfarmnc.com
if you need information on classes that are not listed


School/ Family Tours and Visits (Fees apply)

Host your Event at Woodcrest Farms!
Birthday Parties, Corporate events, even Weddings!


Woodcrest Farm Market - produce, meat, eggs, pet milk
Farm craft classes

This is a family farm, so if we're here, we're open. Check our calendar for specific dates for these activities, or you can call the farmhouse at 919-933-5105.